Getting started with UnovaRPG

UnovaRPG is an Online Pokemon Game. We have created a little FAQ with categories and answers about most of your doubts with this game. If you want to suggest a question to be added here, please let us know.


1. About UnovaRPG Online Pokemon Game
2. Leveling up / Evolving
3. Attacks
4. Gym Leaders / Elite 4
5. Sign up process / My account
6. Miscellaneous

Sign up process / My account


Q. I haven't been playing for a while and now I can't access my account

A. We're sorry, but if you didn't log in at least ONCE on the last 365 days, our filter have deleted your account.
This is because we don't have servers enough to keep your account forever if you don't use it.
However, if this happened to you please sign up again (with the same or different username) and contact us. We'll help you to recover your items and Pokémon.


Q. I can't activate my account. I've received an invalid code!

A. Sometimes our servers reach a traffic peak and you will get this message. However YOUR ACCOUNT WAS VALIDATED. So do not pay attention to this message and login using your username and password at the following URL:


Q. When I signup, it says that my email was already used. But I've never registered on your game before...

A. When you're submitting the signup form, you can accidentally click more than once on the "Register" button. If so, you'll get this message, so just search for the confirmation email in your inbox and complete the registration process. If you didn't receive the confirmation email, just wait a couple hours and try to login.


Q. How can I delete my account?

A. If you don't want to play UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo) anymore and you want to delete your account for any reason, just don't login for 45 days and our filters will delete your account automatically.