Getting started with UnovaRPG

UnovaRPG is an Online Pokemon Game. We have created a little FAQ with categories and answers about most of your doubts with this game. If you want to suggest a question to be added here, please let us know.


1. About UnovaRPG Online Pokemon Game
2. Leveling up / Evolving
3. Attacks
4. Gym Leaders / Elite 4
5. Sign up process / My account
6. Miscellaneous



Q. How do I teach an attack to my Pokemon?

A. You have two options to add, change or teach an attack to any of your Pokemon.

1) Using TMs
2) Using the Move Tutor

1. You can buy an specific TM on the Shop, and then go to 'My Pokemon' (Setup Battle Team). You will find all your Pokemon list there, click on 'View Details' over the Pokemon you want and choose Learn TM. You will see a list of available TMs for that Pokemon displayed. Click 'Learn' to use any TM (you can check which TMs are available for your Pokemon on our PokeDex).

2. Use the Move Tutor: go to 'My Pokemon' and click on 'View Details' over the Pokemon you want. Search for 'Launch Move Tutor' and you will get a list of available attacks to teach to your Pokemon. Attacks displayed are based on your Pokemon level. You can check which attacks your Pokemon can learn on our PokeDex).


Q. Why my Pokémon stop learning attacks after their four attacks slots are full?

A. At this time in UnovaRPG Online game the only way to teach a new attack after your Pokémon have all their slots used is using a TM or the Move Tutor.


Q. Can I make my Pokémon to forget one or more of their attacks?

A. Yes. If you want to use this feature go to your whole Pokémon List section and search for your full Pokémon list. Click over any Pokémon and search for the new option on the drop down menu: Forget attacks.

Please note that you always need to leave at least one attack for every Pokémon you have.