Getting started with UnovaRPG

UnovaRPG is an Online Pokemon Game. We have created a little FAQ with categories and answers about most of your doubts with this game. If you want to suggest a question to be added here, please let us know.


1. About UnovaRPG Online Pokemon Game
2. Leveling up / Evolving
3. Attacks
4. Gym Leaders / Elite 4
5. Sign up process / My account
6. Miscellaneous

Leveling up / Evolving


Q. How can I evolve my Pokmon?

A. By Level: if your Pokmon evolves by level go to Setup Team and look at your Captured Pokmon list. Click on the Pokmon you want to evolve and if there's an evolution available you can click over the "Evolve" link.

By Items (i.e. Water Stone): if your Pokmon evolves by any item like stones, first be sure to have one of this item on your items list, then go to Setup Team and look at your Captured Pokmon list. Click over the Pokmon you want to attach the item and search for the "Attach" link. When you're done, click over this Pokmon again and search for the new "Evolve" link.

By Trade: if you want to evolve your Pokmon by trade, you will need to trade your Pokmon and their will evolve automatically.

Keep in mind that you can check what do you need to do to evolve your Pokmon (if is there an evolution available) looking at the PokDex.


Q. How to use Mega Stones

A. Go to the shop and buy the stone for your Pokemon (i.e: for Alakazam, the stone is Alakazite, for your Mewtwo you can buy both Mewtwonite X and Y). YOU ONLY NEED ONE STONE! When you're on a battle, send your Pokemon to the arena and click on Items, then search for the right stone and voil! your Mega Pokemon is ready for the battle!


Q. Why it's so hard to raise levels of some of my Pokmon?

A. Some time ago we had a issue with the Level algorithm and some of you noted that their Pokmon raised up one level every one battle.

Although your Pokmon were getting more levels that they deserve, their experience remains in normal values, so now you need to get lots of experience to raise another level.

Please note that this is not happening with all new Pokmon. If you signed up from May 1st 2008 you're not having this problem.


Q. How do I use Rare Candies?

A. If you want to level up your Pokemon level easily you can buy Rare Candies at the PokeShop.

You can use Rare Candies in two ways. You can use these candies either in a battle or when you're setting up your team.

If you want to use a Rare Candy on a battle, send the Pokemon to the battle and open your items list. Click on Rare Candy to raise one level of your Pokemon.

If otherwise you'd like to use them over a specific Pokemon of your list, go to 'View all my Pokmon / Setup my Battle Team' in your Member Panel, then go to your whole Pokemon List and click over the Pokemon you want to attach an item. Select Rare Candy and you're done!

Please note that when you raise a level, your Pokemon could learn new attacks. If so, you will see any new attack after you use your Pokemon for a battle.


Q. How my experience is calculated?

A. Experience is adjusted based on the following criteria:

- Number of Badges obtained
- Number of Goals completed
- Number of rooms owned (up to 5)
- IndigoCoins quantity (up to 10M)
- Unique Pokemon number
- Battles wins/loses
- Log in frequency

Please note: some of these points are MUCH more important than others. We may adjust the weight of each one of these items on the final number to make the ranking more fair for all players.


Q. How to increase my score on Pokemon Online Battles?

A. Do you want to be the Champion of UnovaRPG Pokemon Game? You can battle on our Online Battles Championship against other real trainers. Keep in mind to increase your score:

- Your rival must have a validated account (with a verified email address). If not we won't count your battle on your score.

- If you end a battle against the same rival up to two minutes after the previous one, it won't be counted.

- Up to three wins against the same rival per tournament is counted.

- Lost battles may reduce your score in some cases. Also, you may get higher score after a particular battle (for example, if you won against a powerful rival trainer).

- Every time you leave three battles (consecutive or non consecutive) without finish them your score will be reduced.

Important: any kind of manipulation to artificially increase your score WON'T be tolerated, and we may remove all your score and / or ban you from Pokemon Online Battles.