Getting started with UnovaRPG

UnovaRPG is an Online Pokemon Game. We have created a little FAQ with categories and answers about most of your doubts with this game. If you want to suggest a question to be added here, please let us know.


1. About UnovaRPG Online Pokemon Game
2. Leveling up / Evolving
3. Attacks
4. Gym Leaders / Elite 4
5. Sign up process / My account
6. Miscellaneous

About UnovaRPG Online Pokemon Game


Q. What is UnovaRPG?

A. UnovaRPG is a free online Pokémon game that allows you to catch, trade and battle with your own Pokémon team, using the former Pokemon Indigo platform.


Q. Do I have to pay to use it?

A. Of course not!! I don't have any right to make this and of course I don't want to. it's free and it will be free forever.


Q. Do I have to download something to play the game?

A. No. UnovaRPG Online Game was created to be played online and without remote files (only Cookies which most web sites needs). I mean, game files, because you need to have an Internet connection and browser to play.


Q. What are the system requirements?

A. We recommend you at least a 512 Kb. Internet speed connection and Firefox 10+, Google Chrome 16+, Internet Explorer 8 or latest.


Q. Ok so what do I have to do if I want to play?

A. First of all you need to register, so create
your free account today
! After you've validated your account, just
login and start the game.


Q. Can I play UnovaRPG from my mobile device or tablet?

A. Yes! We have a whole mobile version of UnovaRPG. Simply access from your mobile device or visit to play our mobile version. We currently support lot of devices but please keep in mind that you need Javascript enabled to play. Also, a smartphone is recommended to enjoy the game in a good resolution and speed. We're trying to adapt the game to more devices, but we suggest you at least 1GB of Ram memory in your smartphone or tablet to enjoy the game.

The UnovaRPG mobile version have been tested on a Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII and Iphone 4, 5, Blackberry 9930, Ipad and Playbook and it works good. All the desktop features are available on the mobile version.