Fange an mit UnovaRPG

UnovaRPG ist ein Online Pokémon Spiel. Wir haben ein kleines FAQ mit Kategorieren und Antworten über die meisten Bedenken des Spiels erstellt. Wenn du Fragen vorschlagen möchtest, die hier hinzugefügt werden soll, bitte lass es uns wissen.


1. About UnovaRPG Online Pokemon Game
2. Leveling up / Evolving
3. Attacks
4. Gym Leaders / Elite 4
5. Sign up process / My account
6. Miscellaneous



F. Why sometimes the game works a bit slow?

A. We're working all the time to improve and optimize the game. Right now we're not having enough servers for a smoother gameplay. However we're getting new servers all months, so be patient!


F. What are Golden, Metallic, Mystic and Dark Pokémon?

A. These are special UnovaRPG Pokémon types, with special features.

Golden: 10% more attack power. You need at least 22 badges to get a chance to catch one of this.

Metallic: 30% more HP. You need at least 30 badges to get a chance to catch one of this.

Mystic Mystic: Cannot be paralyzed, poisoned, frozen, burned or asleep. You need at least 32 badges to get a chance to catch one of this.

Dark Dark: Increase rival's attack miss rate 50% on normal Pokémon. 90% on Golden, Metallic and Mystic. You need at least 33 badges to get a chance to catch one of this.


F. What is the Daily Raffle? Why sometimes I didn't get any prize?

A. If you log in at least once every day, you'll get all days a Daily Raffle: this is a random prize (could be IndigoCoins or Pokémon).

Please note that you can get only one random prize every 24 hours.

If you don't log in at least once every day, you will get your next prize 24 hours after your last log in, only if you log in again the next day.


F. Some of my Pokemon turned into Pinsir

A. On the Feb 15th, 2014 and for a few hours we had a serious issue with our Database and some Pokemon from some trainers were changed to Pinsir. At the moment we've restored almost 92% of the affected Pokemon, and we're still fixing some of them manually.
All affected users (if you were one) have received a compensation on their accounts.

We took all measures to avoid this problem in the future (never happened something like this on years!) and we really want to apologize with you.

You don't need to send us an email if you were affected. We have the list of ALL affected trainers, and be sure that we're working to fix this ASAP. We appreciate your comprehension.