About UnovaRPG Pokemon online game

First off we would like to clarify that UnovaRPG IS NOT an official Nintendo's game. There are two students behind this and some contributors. But we're not affiliated with Nintendo nor any Pokemon rights owner in any way. We have only one ads banner that we use to pay the server, we don't ask for money and donations here, this website is completely free.

Why we created this? just because we love Pokemon and we're PHP programmers. We love the original games (and we spent hours of our life playing them) so we decided to try with a Pokemon website that simulates the Pokemon mechanic algorithms.

UnovaRPG is a free Pokemon online game, built with PHP/Javascript/Ajax. Basically every player can catch, fight and evolve their Pokemon. Also, the free online game allows online battles between players. We haven't too much to say here. If you'd like to know more about the game funcionality, just go to the Getting Started section.

Thanks to

First of all we'd like to thank to all those guys that works under the GNU's atmosphere. We're frequent contributors of many Open Source projects and we're proud to say that many of the UnovaRPG functionalities were built using Open Source libraries. So, thanks to:

I also want to thank to all other websites that are helping me to promote UnovaRPG over the fans world:

Finally, thanks to Habieru (Pokémon Station) for gave us some sprite tiles. Also, thanks to the Spriters Resource, when we used some tiles as well.

Are we forgetting someone of you? if so, just email us guys. We don't want problems.

About us

We are freelancers web developer (HTML / JS / PHP / Ajax) and SEO. We couldn't say that we're web designers, but we did some layouts (and of course this one). We love the GNU software and W3C standars. We've created this game on our free time because We'm the biggest Pokémon fans over the world. You can contact us here if you need our services!